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The TWI Group has constantly stood in the position of a job seeker and has made consultations.   To further match the position with the requirements sought by the job seeker, we always interview everyone.   In addition, as much as possible, we listen to circumstances in detail as well as to requests, skills, and experience, and then start the process.

For our company's detailed process of finding a job through our company, please refer to the "Job Seekers Guide" page.

Services For Job Seekers

Full Time Associates

For a person that is looking for a full time position, we introduce jobs that will further leverage the work experience. For a person that has gained experience in management at American or Japanese companies, or for a person that is in sales that uses Japanese and English, or for a person that is in specialized fields such as accounting, finance, and IT, utilizing a vast corporate network, we will find a position at a new company that will enable that person to further leverage his or her skills and experiences.


Temporary Staff

For a person that wishes to work as a temporary worker for a certain period of time, please feel free to contact us. We would like to introduce you to a job that would best fit your needs.


Recent College Graduates

We would like to help people that have recently graduated from college and are entering the workforce. A foreign exchange student that maintains a practical training permit for one year has the opportunity to accumulate business experience in America. The TWI Group would like to help you with your job search.


Recent College Graduates

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