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Teruko Weinberg Lectures to College Students from Japan

On September 11, 2011 at the Kyoto Grand Hotel in Los Angeles, TWI President Teruko Weinberg presented a lecture to 30 college students visiting from Seitoku University.
Every year, Seitoku University sends a selection of students to the states for a study tour and this is the 10th year that Teruko has talked to them about what it means to work.
This year, she covered topics such as “Face job interviews with confidence.” “Work independently.” “How to become a necessity to the workforce.” “A company is a place where one can learn while earning an income. Absorb everything in a positive manner.” “If you have a suggestion or an opinion, state it clearly.” “Do not quit a job for negative reasons such as you find your superiors unsuitable or you do not like the work you are given. You can open more pathways by working in a positive and constructive manner.”
Along with such topics, she sent out a meaningful message: “When you are overseas, you can see Japan clearly. And as Japanese people overseas, a feeling of patriotism begins to grow. I would like all the young people in Japan to become more enthusiastic. To be honest, I am worried about Japan’s future if things stay the way they are. The future of Japan is on your shoulders.”



Teruko Weinberg Lectures to College Students from Japan

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