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Job Hunting Rules2 interview with the company


I wrote about being on time in the last issue, but being late to a company’s interview will be a big problem and could ruin your chance at employment. It will give the company a bad impression of you even before the interview. Just in case something happens, it is best to arrive to the interview early. Likewise, please pay careful attention to your clothing. For those who have registered with an agency, you probably already rehearsed with your consultant before the interview with the company. You may feel nervous, but face the interview with confidence!


Be proactive in asking questions about the job description. The person in charge will be happy to explain the position concretely. Additionally, if you are asked, “Can you do this?” instead of, “I can’t do it,” or, “I’ve never done it before,” it’s better to say, “I don’t have much experience but I’m interested in it” or, “I’d like to try it.” Don’t forget that the interviewer will be examining not only your experience but also your dedication to the position.

照子は人が大好きです。From 照子ワインバーグ(TWI代表)
Teruko loves people. From Teruko Weinberg of TWI.


Job Hunting Rules2 interview with the company

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