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Job Hunting Rule 9:Conditions for Promotion


I received a question from a person who has been working at his company for three years: “I have been repeatedly doing the same job for three years, and it doesn’t seem like I can expect any new development or promotions. Should I get a new job?” I would like to answer that question as follows.

あなたが今いる場所の上のポジションはないのか、上司に相談してみましたか?会社は定期的にリビューは行っていますか?まず何よりも重要なのは、入社してからの 3年間を振り返ってみて、あなた自身も全力で仕事に取組んだという自負があるかどうかということです。

Have you tried speaking to your boss about whether there is a higher-level position you could advance to at your company? Does your company hold reviews on a regular basis? First and foremost, it is important to look back from when you joined the company three years ago, and determine whether you can take pride in your efforts at work.


If you consistently put forward results, and if there is ample communication between you and your company, situations such as the one presented in this question do not occur often. In other words, your boss understands your ability and intention to succeed in a higher level position, and you will not face any obstacles if there is a chance for promotion.

ただし、ここでその昇進を実現させるには 3 つの条件が備わっていることが必要です。最初の条件はあなたが上のポジションに進む力があることを、業績においてすでに証明していること。 2つ目の条件は能力だけでなく、あなたが上に行きたいという意思表示を上司に対してきちんと行っていること。そして 3つ目が最も基本的な条件なのですが、上のポジションが会社によって用意されていることです。これらについてクリアしている状況かどうか、まずは考えてみてください。

However, there are three conditions that are necessary to achieve a promotion. The first is that you have proven through your performance that you have the ability to succeed in a higher level position. The second is that you have made clear your intentions to advance to your boss. And the third and most basic provision is that there is a higher level position offered by your company. Please first think whether your situation meets these three criteria.

照子は人が大好きです。From 照子ワインバーグ(TWI代表)
Teruko loves people. From Teruko Weinberg of TWI.


Job Hunting Rule 9:Conditions for Promotion

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