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Job hunting Rule 22:Enthusiasm


Last time, I talked about how it is important for OPT applicants to start early and have a flexible attitude in order to successfully find a job. This time, I want to talk about something important to applicants with all levels of experience: bringing enthusiasm to your job.


For example, recently there was an applicant who, based on his own experience, submitted a list of specific jobs or companies that he felt he had a chance to work for. If you express that much passion, it will greatly increase the motivation on our side as well. Of course, it is not a must to go that far, but your enthusiasm will be conveyed to the companies you will meet through us as well.


At TWI, we conduct interviews with all of our applicants. We give face-to-face interviews and Skype video interviews for candidates who live far away. By no means do we simply verify your paperwork and nothing else. This is because if you proceed to an interview with a company, the recent trend is to hold at least two interviews.


At the interview with an employment agency, by having a face to face interview in the same way that a company would interview you, we can become aware of the enthusiasm that an applicant possesses. Unfortunately, there are people who give a dark impression in the interview. Companies are always looking for new hires with excellent communication skills, so giving a positive impression is important to any interview.

照子は人が大好きです。From 照子ワインバーグ(TWI代表)
Teruko loves people. From Teruko Weinberg of TWI.


Job hunting Rule 22:Enthusiasm

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