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Job hunting Rule 23:Job Hoppers


Teruko Weinberg’s Job Hunting Rules!


Last time I talked about the importance of enthusiasm and good communication skills in your job search. On the other hand, this time I want to talk about something that is a big minus point to your job search: job hopping.


“There are not a lot of people who have served a long tenure of many years. Everyone looks for better opportunities and finds new jobs.” This is actually not true, just somewhat of an urban legend. Companies look for employees with a minimum of three years at a certain company, but if possible they would like to hire employees with five to ten years of tenure. This has to do with what I mentioned previously, that companies have become hesitant to take risks. In other words, the companies are anxious that there may be an issue where the employee changes his job immediately after joining.


Even if you get along well with anyone, or speak both Japanese and English perfectly, if your resume is like the career I described with job changes every few months, or even after one or two years, you may be regarded as a job-hopper which will reflect negatively when viewed by a prospective employer. As the Japanese proverb goes, “Three years on a cold stone will make the stone warm.” I strongly recommend that you settle down for at least three years once you have joined a company.

照子は人が大好きです。From 照子ワインバーグ(TWI代表)
Teruko loves people. From Teruko Weinberg of TWI.


Job hunting Rule 23:Job Hoppers

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