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Nippon Express USA. Inc.
Los Angeles Ocean Cargo Br.

Hirokazu Yuki
Manager Export Department

Exterior of Nippon Express USA, Inc.
Mr. Yuki at Nittsu Office

Q. Please tell us about Nippon Express’s operation.

Nippon Express was established in New York in 1962 and we will soon be celebrating our 50th anniversary. Following New York, the Los Angeles branch was established. In our department, we are mainly responsible for exporting operations aimed toward Japan and other parts of Asia, as well as handling ocean freights. Our task is to obtain packages from our clients and prepare them into containers to export them to the main ports in Japan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
In our Torrance office, we have a department for warehousing and the import and export of maritime freights where we have 60 employees. There are only 2 employees that are transferred from Japan while the others are from the area.

Q. What are the job descriptions of local hires and what skills or qualifications do you look for?

We perform tasks such as entering export-related documentations, handling invoices, issuing of the bill of ladings, as well as booking ship spaces for those shipping companies that have transactions with over 20 other companies.
There is an established time period for the handling of documentations, so the conduct is quick, prompt, and most importantly accurate.
If employees have experience, work tends to run smoothly, especially in terms of coordination; however, even if employees lack experience, we create an environment where work can become efficient. We first have them learn the handling process of documentations then have them aply their new skills to their work.

As for language, as long as employees are able to use English, there are no problems. Nippon Express has locations around the world and most communication relies heavily on e-mail. Even if the receiver of the e-mail were to be in Japan, we have it to be a common policy for all e-mails to be typed in English. Of course, if the e-mail were to be intended for a Japanese client, we would request that the e-mail be typed in Japanese, as others may include for our clients in South America, we often have our Spanish speaking employees communicate via e-mail with them.
Our work may seem very subdued, but our worldwide network is only expanding. It is worth all our time to be able to live up to our customers’ needs in terms of allowing them to use our network freely, promised delivery date, and set rates. We make certain that each employee engages in each assignment with the continuous idea of keeping our clients satisfied.

Q. What are your thoughts about TWI as your recruiting agency?

Until recently, we have often asked TWI for help with recruiting candidates for the office staff; however, lately our demands have shifted to temporary employees who can work on tasks related to shipping purchases made by our clients from Los Angeles to Japan.
For this task, it is necessary to have an employee who can speak Japanese so we decided to ask Teruko Weinberg from TWI to assist us. On top of listening to our requests, she promptly provided us with the employees we needed. We found it quite surprising when a new employee began her first few days of work with us, and our TWI consultant came into our office to see if everything was running smoothly for everyone. Such acts insure us that we can rely on our consultants at TWI. This continuous cycle became extremely efficient.
We truly appreciate TWI for regularly listening to and considering each of our requests with such thought and consideration.

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