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Job Hunting Rule 10:Experience in Japan


I received a question from a person who was about to graduate from a school in the United States after having worked several years in Japan. He asks, “I would like to find a job in America using OPT. Will my experience in Japan be taken into account?”

米国内でまったく働いた経験のない方の就職活動の障壁は、働いたことのある方に比べて高いと言わざるを得ません。たとえ、日本で働いた経験がある人でも、国が違えば事情も変わってきます。 「日本でこれだけのお給料をもらっていたから」というだけで、ドル換算した額を希望しても、この国では未経験者なのです。ですから、日本での経験がまったく考慮されないということはないにしても、日本の勤務経験年数が、そのままアメリカで考慮されるかどうかは判断が非常に難しいところです。

I do have to say that the barriers to job searching for someone who does not have working experience in the United States are higher than those for someone who does. For example, even for people with experience in Japan, the situation may be different due to a difference in the countries. You may say, “I earned at least this much in Japan,” even if you want that amount in dollar terms, you may be considered an inexperienced person in this country. So, it’s not that your experience in Japan will not be considered at all; rather, whether your experience in Japan will be considered the same in America is difficult to judge.


Whatever the case, it can be said that having an attitude to actively take up a challenge when given any opportunity is very important. The potential for your future varies greatly depending on your actions after joining a company. First of all, even for temporary jobs the first step is to seize the chance to prove yourself.

照子は人が大好きです。From 照子ワインバーグ(TWI代表)
Teruko loves people. From Teruko Weinberg of TWI.


Job Hunting Rule 10:Experience in Japan

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