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Job hunting Rule 12:In-Demand Jobs in California

今回はカリフォルニア州で企業から求められている職種について紹介します。ここ最近、特にヒューマンリソースの人材を必要としている企業が増えています。その背景として、企業が人事に力を入れてきたということがあるようです。 ただし、エントリーレベルの条件は少なく、ほとんどが5年から8年の人事の経験を持っていることを条件としています。さらにベネフィットに関する経験、ペイロールに関する経験など、特定の分野における専門知識を持った人材を必要としている傾向が目立ちます。 ヒューマンリソースは人材を扱う重要な部門ですから、安定して勤務していただける方を企業は望みます。アメリカは転職が多いとは言っても過去に何社もの企業を渡り歩いた方よりも、じっくりと腰を落ち着けて勤続されていた方を希望する傾向があります。

Today I will introduce some jobs that are in high demand in California now. Recently, there are a number of companies especially in need of human resources personnel. In that context, it can be said that many companies have come to focus on human resources. However, there are few entry level positions and most human resources positions require five to eight years of related experience. In addition, there is a growing need for people with experience in a particular field of human resources, such as experience in payroll or benefits. Because human resources is an important department dealing with personnel, companies hope for a person who can work with stability. Although it is common to change jobs often in America, companies tend to prefer a person who has carefully considered and settled into a long-term position rather than a person who has jumped from job to job.


One field that is always popular is accounting. Companies seek a wide range of people, from entry-level to CPA, and from temporary to full-time.


In addition, even if the company does not advertise and open sales position, a good salesperson is always needed. If an excellent salesperson joins the company, his efforts are reflected in his performance.


In California, manufacturers of automotive parts and electronics are thriving. It can be said that people who have sales experience and a proven track record in this industry will have an advantage when seeking a new position.

照子は人が大好きです。From 照子ワインバーグ(TWI代表)
Teruko loves people. From Teruko Weinberg of TWI.


Job hunting Rule 12:In-Demand Jobs in California

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